Thursday, January 10, 2013

Show and Tell en Français

Well... my new year's resolution of posting a blog once a week was clearly wishful thinking. Nevertheless, happy new year to everyone! I hope you were as excited as I was to get back into the classroom! I felt so recharged, refreshed, and full of new ideas!

The first thing I wanted to do with the students was a show and tell en Français. We spent the first couple of months reviewing grammar, getting comfortable speaking in French around each other, and learning a ton of new French words. Now it is time to put all of that together. Here are the links (to Google Docs) to the rubric and outline I used. The rubric is for a 3/4 French Immersion class in Ontario, Canada. Let me know if you find it useful. 

If you are also teaching a French class, what are some ways you are getting back into the swing of things? What sorts of projects do you do to get the students to speak more in French? 

Click here for the outline.
Click here for the rubric. 

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