Running a Makerspace

In my latest blog post I talked about Edu Quest (and French Quest) and how it completely blew my mind when I first heard about it. The main idea is that every task students do is engaging, usually project-based, and 100% completed at their own time and pace. There is no "class-schedule". Each student picks a project and works away, individually or as a team. Amazing right?!?!

When I started looking into it further, I realized this whole idea of "Gamifying" your class room is part of a broader idea called "Makerspace". Basically, a makerspace is an actual physical location (be it a classroom, college campus, library, etc.) that provides people with the tools and resources to work together on projects, collaborate, network, and build! This to me sounds like the ideal classroom! 

So I wanted to dedicated one page here to share resources about Makerspace, how to transform your classroom into one, who to follow on Twitter for the latest trends, and more! 

Please don't hesitate to leave comments with your favourite ideas, people to follow, or resources to create a makerspace! I'm just starting to learn about this and as I wrap my head around I'm hoping to post more and more resources!

To start, here are some links I've found useful as I begin to explore this fascinating concept. At the bottom of the page I'm creating a list of people to follow on Twitter so scroll down if that's what you're looking for.

Free e-Book!!!
Click here to be linked to a free e-book from that provides you with over 250 resources and ways to help turn your classroom into a makerspace.

Designing a Makerspace classroom
Click here to read a great article with great examples on how to rethink your classroom. 

Who to follow on Twitter (click on each name to be linked to their Twitter page):

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