Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A must-see documentary

In teacher's college we were always told that one of the most important ideas behind teaching is to let the students do their own learning - that is, it is easy for us as teachers to give them the answers, but it's when they work hard themselves to get to the answer that true and permanent learning will unfold. That is why I encourage any teacher, parent, child, family, to consider watching the documentary "One Clip at a Time". It is an extremely moving story based on the fact that one student, had one question, and his teacher allowed it to be turned into a project that would quickly become international. The story behind the film is about an 8th grade class studying the Holocaust. One of the students asked the question "What does 6 million look like?" This questions turned into a school-wide project of collecting 6 million paperclips to represent every person lost during the Holocaust. 
To me this is an incredibly inspiring story and a beautiful reminder to all teachers of how amazing our job is, and how amazing it is that we have this ability and opportunity to influence young minds, IF, we let them. If you chose to watch the film, please feel free to post any comments below.

Here is the link to the preview and official website
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