Technology can be overwhelming. My advice is use it if it helps you. If it's going to create a lot of extra work it's not worth it; not right now.

I will try to layout some basic and easy-to-use resources, and will continue updating as I come across new discoveries. 

Sesame Snap

My new favourite assessment tool! It is basically a private, online portfolio for each individual student. Much like Facebook, each student has their own "wall" where they (or the teacher) can upload any of their work for parents (or teacher) to see. However, it is PRIVATE. No one else can see what they are uploading unless they have been "tagged" in that specific post. Only the student, teacher, and parents affiliated w the student account can see what's happening. It is a quick and easy way for parents to stay up-to-date on what their kids are doing in class. 
Additionally, teachers can create and attach rubrics to the assignments that parents can also see - immediately. Talk about going paperless!  
In my class I have printed the QR code for each student and glued it on a piece of card stock. This way, each student can easily scan their code, which automatically signs them into their own account, and upload whatever it is they want to keep in their portfolio. 
Another way to use it is, for example, for presentations. This year I had my students create their very own instruments. On my teacher app, I recorded each presentation and marked it on the spot with the rubric I had created for it. So easy and so quick! An incredible opportunity to save time and provide instant feedback for students and parents. 

Google Apps For Education (AKA: GAFE)
Anything Google is amazing! I highly recommend signing your class up for Google Classroom, it's a great way to go paperless! 
If you're just starting out, here's a great YouTube video to watch on why use GAFE:

SimpleK12 - Training resource for teachers
Click here to follow them on Twitter to get up-to-date information on the latest (and usually FREE) training resources for teachers. From how to use Chromebooks in the class to teaching digital citizenship. 

Free Technology for Teachers (Blog)


50 QR (quick response) code resources for the classroom
"Quick response codes, also known as ‘QR’ codes, are simple, scannable images that are a form of barcode. In the classroom, QR codes can be used in a variety of ways — from conducting treasure hunts to creating modern CVs. Below is a number of articles, tutorials and lesson plans designed to help educators."


The first thing I suggest any teacher doing is creating an account on It is a fabulous website, almost like a "Facebook" for educators. You can create a group for your own class (have all your students create an account and join) and post assignments, online math games, neat videos, you name it! Additionally, you can connect with other educators and specific communities and save resources that others post in your "library". Try it out! 


Tech Ease is a website that will provide answers to all your classroom technology questions. Anything from how to load up files, email, how to use technology, etc. And as you can see from the image below, it helps both MAC and WIN users. 

Common Craft

Not sure how to explain something? Use CommonCraft to help you! They explain a wide range of topics such as blogs, social media, computer software, BitTorrents,Apps,Wikis, and many more in short and simple video. So not sure how to explain something they they will do it for you!

If you want your students to create their own website, using a weebly is the easiest way to go. The website takes a little getting used to but once you spend a couple of minutes fiddling around with it it becomes very easy to use. Check out the weebly I made for a Health and Physical Education course:

Qwikstory is a new social media site where people come together to create and write a story about a particular topic (or no topic at all).   Here's the catch - once you start a story, you have only 1,000 characters to tell your part of the story and you can't continue the story until at least one person has added to your Qwikstory.


Watch this video or read the description below :)

A VoiceThread is a collaborative, multimedia slide show that holds images, documents, and videos and allows people to navigate slides and leave comments in 5 ways - using voice, text, audio file, or video (via a webcam). Users can also doodle while commenting. This is ideal if you want your students to share their work with another class or with each other - each student can go online and comment on someone's work, and you can save all of their comments for assessment. 

Do you or your students love creating short movie clips? With animoto you can create a 2-4min video with pictures you have taken or video clips you have filmed. I have used it many times to summarize field trips or specific units that the students have completed or participated in. There is a free version, but for $5 a month (and you can cancel the account at any time) you can have lengthier and more sophisticated videos. 


With Cantasia, you can easily generate effective videos that help you train, teach, sell, and more. 

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