In the meantime, PLEASE check out the book "Mathematical Mindset" by Jo Boaler, as well as the online course she is teaching (which you can do 100% at your own pace). Click here for the link to the course. 

If you're looking for online Math resources that support inquiry based learning visit

I have collected many great math resources/websites over the past couple of months and I hope you will find them as useful as I do! This will be a continuous project, so if you have any resources or websites you'd like to see added here, please let me know! :) 

Top 5 Math Websites
I will start by listing my top 5 favourite math websites. Below I will post a list of others, without the description.
(French option available!)
This website has created countless math worksheets. What I like most about it, is that you can get all worksheets available in French! On any page you will find the "Version Fran├žaise" link on the bottom of the left toolbar. Unfortunately, it is not sorted by grade so you have to know what you are looking for.
There are a ton of French math games, worksheets, crosswords, and other activities here for a wide variety of levels. Makes for great homework! 

If you teach grade 4-6, then this is your website! Full unit plans, lessons, and games, for all math strands for the Ontario curriculum. (Grades: K-9)
"Math for the left and right brain". A fantastic way for students to have fun while doing math exercises online!  This website provides creative and easy-to-follow math exercises fro grades K-9! FREE!
(Grades: K-5)
"Everyday Math" - A website created by a school district. Find everyday math problems sorted out by unit and by grade. FREE!

This website has a wide range of phenomenal worksheets and games for students. The worksheets are sorted by strand but not by grade. It not only has math worksheets but also grammar, phonics, spelling, science, reading & writing, holidays, social studies, puzzles and brain teasers, and more! Unfortunately, it is not free (some worksheets are) - you only pay a membership fee of $19.95 per year, so if you decided you really like it, it's affordable.

This websites also has countless worksheets, sorted by grade and strand, and also allows you to create your own printables. It requires a membership fee of $19.95 per year, but it is well worth it!

Other great math websites:

Learning to give - teaching math through philanthropy - K-12 
7 YouTube channels not named Khan giving math lessons
Math and other subject worksheets and lesson plans
PBS Teacher website -variety of subjects, K-12
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives - K-12
Online math problems, lessons and games (Includes French option!)
Other teacher's ideas -math and other subjects
Online math games, brainteasers and lessons - K-6
Free Canadian Money worksheets
Create your own money worksheets
Week by week math resources and essentials - K-12
Lesson Plans for K-12 by Discovery Education

Recommended Books:

"Math that Matters"  - teaching math using social justice issues
Books by Stuart Murphy - Fun book to introduce specific math concepts
"Making Math Meaningful" - Must-have text book for all P/J teachers

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