Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Teachers Pay Teachers

I have recently joined the fabulous network of TPT (Teachers Pay Teachers). You wouldn't believe how much time I've saved either buying or downloading FREE information, worksheets, presentations, and more for my class. Anything from full lesson plans on how to teach persuasive writing, to a "You are going on vacation" package for a student who is about to take off for 2 weeks. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!! You will need to create an account in order to buy or download the material - but for free lesson plans, I wouldn't hesitate!

Since I have created a lot of my own worksheets in French (we all know how many French resources there are out there), I've decided to put some of my worksheets up for sale as well. I have a couple of Math worksheets and French Grammar. Mainly they are for grades 5 and under, but as always, are easily adaptable. To view my "store" look on the right side of my blog, under my contact information. 

To browse the TPT general website, click here. Enjoy!!

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